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Activtrax machine

Sarah J.
Member Since 2018

I recently switched gyms, and I am loving HealthQuest and ActivTrax! I started using ActivTrax from day one. It allows me to keep track of my workouts and helps keep me motivated to go back the next day. I like the program because I can adjust it to what areas I want to work on. Also, the program changes up what machines and activities I do on a daily basis, so I am always doing something different, and I rarely get stuck in a rut with my workout. Since starting ActivTrax in June, I’ve lost 4 inches! Thanks for helping me with my fitness goals!

Kerrie Clayton and her person trainer, Sam

Kerrie Clayton
Member Since 2016

I'm fairly new to the gym and fitness world. Other than your basic treadmill or elliptical machine, I had no idea how to operate the weight machines, how much weight I should add, or how to form my body in a way that prevents injury. I also felt as though everyone in the gym would surely stare at me and wonder what was wrong with me if I came to a machine that I couldn’t figure out or operate correctly. My fears kept me at bay for a good while. I knew I needed to add weight training and muscle building to my routine so I could reach my fitness goals of health and weight loss, so I hired a trainer (Samantha Barbour) to help me.

Personal training has taught me how to operate the equipment and has helped me learn more about the proper form for my exercise. The personal attention has given me the confidence I needed to persevere with my workouts and reach my goals. A relationship with a trainer has made me more comfortable to ask questions I would’ve been afraid to ask before and the accountability to stay on track.

I have more knowledge of how my body should feel or look when I’m doing certain exercises, and I’ve learned how to operate the machines that I would have avoided completely because it looked too complicated. I’ve tried things I never would’ve done on my own, and I feel a sense of accomplishment not just because I exercised, but because I learned to do something challenging and uncomfortable. The confidence I’ve gained is equally valuable to the muscles I’ve built through personal training.

Judith Phillips and her personal trainer, Sam

Judith Phillips
Member Since 2016

Being a woman of 68 years of age, I felt I needed to be more active and lose some weight. I was walking occasionally but I felt I needed more. I had been a member of HealthQuest years ago but I did not go a lot. My husband and I joined and then I encouraged my friend and neighbor to join. She agreed she needed to be more active and lose weight also.

Samantha did my Well-U appointment which consisted of getting my measurements, weight, and instructed me on machines I did not know how to use. She was very knowledgeable, patient, and kind.

After four weeks of working out three times a week, Samantha did my follow-up evaluation and I had lost inches and weight. I feel like working with a partner has helped me a lot. We encourage each other.

I feel much better now and hope to continue for years to come.

Reggie Parker in front of the swimming pool

Reggie Parker
Member Since 2009

I recently discovered an improvement in my gycated hemoglobin A1C level which may well be associated with my swimming routine at HealthQuest.I am a diabetic, and my diabetes is controlled with oral medication along with diet and exercise. My main concern has been my A1C level. It should be at or below 7.0, but at times has been a bit above that level, and has always been no lower than 6.5.

I have been a member of HealthQuest since 2009 and have established a routine of going about three days per week. At each visit, I loosen up a little in the gym area, then go to the pool to swim. Over the past several months, I have increased the distance of my swims, so now I am swimming a thousand yards (approximately 40 laps) on an average of three times per week. I recently had my A1C tested. The last time I had the test, several months ago, the level was at 7.0. This time, my A1C was 4.7. The only factor that I can determine that may have lowered my level to that figure has been the increase in the length of my swims.

I feel very fortunate that we have HealthQuest in our community. Since being a member, I have notice that my weight is under more control, and I feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally after a workout. At first, of course, it was a chore to go, and I had to discipline myself to attend on a regular, routine schedule. Now, I really miss it if I don’t go.

I hope my story will inspire and motivate others to continue towards their fitness goals. I just turned 70 years old this year, and feel thankful that my overall health is as good as it is. I attribute much of that to taking advantage of such a great facility.

Johnnie Lee in the pool

Johnnie Lee
Member Since 2009

My father taught me to swim at White Lake at the age of 13. However I never learned the proper techniques. I began working out about 6 years ago and eventually started working with one of the HealthQuest Personal Trainers. We started alternating between water and dry land workouts. Part of the work in the water was to improve my swim techniques as my husband and I were planning to take our grandson on a dolphin swim in the Florida Keys. At that point my grandson began to swim on the HealthQuest summer swim team and was interested in swimming year round, but only if I would keep swimming as well. I really did not know how hard the practices could be but gradually my swimming improved as did my endurance.

Other swimmers began to talk to me about swimming the Johnston County Senior Games. Once I got over with “being old” (mature) enough to register I felt like it might be fun to compete. I swam the 50 yards breast stroke and the 500 yards freestyle. I placed in both events which qualified me for the state games in those two events. I then swam both events in the State Senior Games in September 2014 and placed in both events which qualifies me to swim both at the National Senior Games. The National Senior Games will be held in July 2015 in Minnesota.

I have had so many supporters (my husband, my grandson, coworkers, my church, HQ staff and other members, etc). They have all encouraged (pushed) me to work harder than I thought I ever could or even wanted to. I will be in Minnesota in July, swimming as hard and fast as I can as to represent HealthQuest, Johnston County and North Carolina!

Story Update: Johnnie Lee competed in the National Senior Games in July and finished 16th in the 500 meter freestyle swim event for her age division. Congratulations to Johnnie Lee on this great accomplishment!

Miranda Lewis

Miranda Lewis
Member Since 2014

Miranda Lewis has been a member of HealthQuest since January 2014. After going to East Carolina University for four years, she moved back home after graduating and had gained 50 pounds. She always had talked about going on a diet while at college but it never lasted more than a week. She had stopped exercising and ate whatever she wanted to. When Miranda moved home, she became serious about getting that 50 pounds off. She signed up for Weight Watchers and started working out at HealthQuest. She learned about HealthQuest Extreme thanks to Frankie and Lisa, and signed up for that too. Miranda has been doing both of these programs for exactly a year now and is down 28 pounds. According to Miranda, “Losing weigh is very challenging but it becomes addictive once you know you can do it!”

James Talton and his personal trainer, Adam Stancil

James Talton
Member Since 2003

James Talton has been a member of HealthQuest since it’s opening in 2003. In February 2008 James underwent coronary artery bypass surgery. The surgery was a success, and James was admitted into the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab department in May 2009 by Dr. Atkeson. James graduated from rehab, with flying Colors, in August 2009. James continued to work out some on his own, but felt he needed a little extra motivation. That’s when James started personal training with Adam Stancil in the Senior Fit program. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, James meets with Adam at 11:00 am walks 21 minutes on the Treadmill and does various strength training exercises. James does not miss a day of training, whether rain or shine. According to him, it’s an essential part of his life, and helps him with daily activities. His blood pressure remains constant at 120/70 and he has more energy and stamina. Oh, did I mention James is 96 years old!

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