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Do you have a great story to share about your health and wellness journey? Each month, we recognize a member who inspires us. Your story could be about weight loss, recovery from surgery or injury, stress relief through exercise, improving diet and nutrition, training for an event, or anything else that motivates you to keep coming back to HealthQuest.

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Haley Stevens

Haley's Story

In August of 2017, Haley Stevens recalls that she weighed 110 lbs. Then she began college to major a degree in nursing. With only time to work, attend classes, study, eat and sleep, Haley began to gain weight. In January 2019, Haley made a visit to her doctor and realized she had gained 35 pounds.  She felt as though she didn't have time to take care of herself and was now dealing with the consequences.

Haley commented, "I didn't feel like myself anymore and I wanted that back." She knew she needed to change and she needed to change quick. That's when she decided to make a commitment to start exercising. After going to different fitness facilities in different areas, she decided to join HealthQuest.

Haley jumped in with all fours and immediately took advantage of the free one-hour assessment that comes with all HealthQuest memberships. Samantha Barbour, HealthQuest Health and Wellness Specialist, assisted Haley with establishing a work-out program to get her on track to feeling better.

This was a great starting point for Haley and with her own homework of studying various exercise apps, she is definitely achieving her goals. Taking advantage of the follow-up assessment, also offered by HealthQuest with memberships, Ashley Maher, HealthQuest Health and Wellness Specialist encouraged Haley to continue what she was doing and to include good nutrition and strength-training. Haley stated that she has a curving spinal issue, but she's learning that consistent exercise is one key to eliminating chronic pain and discomfort. She participates in group exercises and enjoys using the cardio and strength training machines. She also lifts some free weights with caution.

Motivated by looking at past photos of herself when she was healthier, I asked Haley what she likes best about HealthQuest. Her response was, "The overall environment. I've not experienced any negativity, no judgement. Nobody's ever said anything ugly to me." Haley commented with a big smile, "Like, when Eric sees me or Frankie sees me, they tell me to keep it up and that I'm doing good!" She also commented that she liked that HealthQuest was part of Johnston Health. Since she works with Johnston Health she can have the membership dues drafted from her paycheck each month. She also feels that after comparing the cost of a HealthQuest membership it is fair considering all that comes with the membership.

Haley has been working in ICU Johnston Health Clayton since July 2019. She loves her job and all her co-workers. She has and is continuing to achieve many of her established goals. She's losing weight, has more energy and feels much better overall.

Way-to-go Haley!

One of Haley's favorite life quotes is: “It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger.” – Unknown

REAL-to-REAL with Reba at HealthQuest Fitness and Wellness Center
Session 3 - Meet Haley

Sarah Jeffrey

Sarah's Story

As a child, Sarah Jeffrey was physically limited in many areas due to a heart condition that eventually led to minor heart surgery called Balloon Valvuloplasty.

Joining HealthQuest in June of 2018, Sarah's initial goals were to build endurance, lose weight and most importantly, her deepest desire was to just feel better.

Since June, she has not only met most of her initial goals, but has also superseded in areas she never expected to even try, much less accomplish! She contributes most of this success to setting personal goals within herself and then to those associated with HealthQuest.

I asked Sarah, "What motivates you to continue to work-out at HealthQuest? “Some days I don't even want to go to the gym," comments Sarah, "but, when I walk in the door I'm always greeted by positive staff." Despite Sarah's heart condition, Samantha Barbour, HQ's Health & Wellness Specialist, encouraged her to sign-up for HQ Extreme. Samantha took time to walk Sarah through the course by explaining and demonstrating different ideas to accomplish the same end results. "Growing up, I was always left behind because I simply couldn't breathe," says Sarah, "but not at HealthQuest, even the members of HealthQuest encouraged me and waited for me to catch up and finish."

Sarah wants to encourage all new members to schedule the complimentary Well-U Fitness Consultations that comes with a membership at HealthQuest. "This appointment gave me a realistic starting point and the follow-up appointment gave me opportunity to get further assistance. I also like the fact that all the trainers are accessible."

Sarah is a teacher for High School Exceptional Children and one of her latest accomplishments including running in the 2019 Gobble Waddle 5K. One of her favorite quotes is: “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Congratulations Sarah! We look forward to being part of many more fitness and wellness accomplishments with you.

REAL-to-REAL with Reba at HealthQuest Fitness and Wellness Center
Session 1 - Meet Sarah

Noah Swabe and family

Noah's Story

Weighing in at his highest of 363 lbs. and smoking 2 packs of cigarettes per day, Noah Swabe finally made the decision that he wanted to change! In February, 2019, Noah had gastric bypass surgery, but commented that he took this surgery as a complete joke and only quit smoking because it was a requirement before he had the surgery. Then, it hit him!

His parents had gastric bypass surgery, he had gastric bypass surgery and he decided he didn’t want a third generation - his kids, to have gastric bypass surgery. He decided to do something to break this cycle! As he seriously started thinking about the future of his wife, his five children and his nephew that they now foster as one of their very own, he realized that he needed to be healthier for them, because all these people depend on him.

Noah is a full-time husband, dad, and student. He works a demanding full-time job with an hour commute each way and he doesn’t take his limited and valuable time lightly. Noah joined HealthQuest in April of 2019. Like most, his initial goal was to get healthier. His initial solution was to make it a habit to go to the gym and also to take advantage of the Well-U appointment that comes with a HealthQuest membership. Then, he began to save up his spare change in order to purchase personal training sessions. He considered the Well-U appointment to be highly successful in giving him a starter point and after a few sessions with Eric Rothman, Health and Wellness Specialist with HealthQuest, he started achieving his goals and setting new goals.

I asked Noah what he liked best about HealthQuest. “What I like about HealthQuest is the environment; in particular is that, I’ve never felt out-of-place at HealthQuest.” replied Noah, “You’ve got all walks of life and all types at HealthQuest. I never felt I wasn’t supposed to be there.” He also commented that he never felt like he wasn’t in good enough shape to be a member at HealthQuest and that everyone was there has the same goals even though everyone is different.

“I’ve had all the excuses in the book and I’ve continued to use those excuses forever and ever and ever and ever. It can be done, it’s just a matter of figuring it out and how to work it in." said Noah, "It’s about making yourself a priority for everybody else. Now, me and my wife, Tricia are doing more things together and we’re actually going to do a race together.” Noah did his first Spartan race in November of 2019 and he’s participating in a marathon in March. The whole family is spending more time together, traveling and all will be participating in upcoming races within the next few months.

It’s evident that Noah’s choice to be healthier has been a positive changed for not only him, but for his entire family.

When Noah started racing, this became one of his favorite quotes: “Today I will do what other's won't, so tomorrow I will do what others can't.” – Jerry Rice

REAL-to-REAL with Reba at HealthQuest Fitness and Wellness Center
Session 2 - Meet Noah

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