ActivTrax Personal Fitness

Make it easier and more fun to get in shape with ActivTrax—a personal fitness program at HealthQuest Fitness and Wellness Center. This software gives you a customized, step-by-step plan to achieve your exercise and nutrition goals. And it’s part of your membership, so you can enjoy it at no additional fee.

How ActivTrax Works

As a new HealthQuest member, you’ll start by scheduling your complimentary Well U appointment with a HealthQuest health and wellness specialist. Expect to:

Log In to ActivTrax

Already have an account? Sign in to ActivTrax.

  • Complete an initial strength test
  • Discuss your health and fitness goals
  • Learn how to use the software
  • Set up your ActivTrax profile, including activity preferences and desired results

Personalized Workouts

ActivTrax designs fun, varied workouts for your abilities and preferences. For each session, you’ll learn exactly how much weight to lift or how many exercises to do. Give the software feedback after each workout so it can adjust its recommendations to keep you challenged.

Individualized Nutrition Plan

Plan and record healthy eating with the ActivTrax nutrition tool, which includes:

  • Calorie, blood sugar, and water tracker
  • Food journal
  • Grocery list helper
  • Meal plan assistant

Information at Your Fingertips

View and track your workouts, nutrition plan, and progress from any smartphone or computer. You can also log into ActivTrax on our kiosk in the gym before and after you work out.


“My wife, Kay, and I never imagined we would become such active gym members. The HealthQuest facility, staff, and the ActivTrax system are responsible for energizing our life and improving our health.” —Walt Peedin

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Upcoming Events

  • Apr
    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    The Johnston Health Champions 5K/10K is a timed run for all ages and fitness levels in the Johnston County, NC area.
  • Apr
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Our breastfeeding classes offer pregnant women and their partners the chance to prepare and ask questions before the baby’s arrival.
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    Ask questions and learn about what to expect during childbirth at one of Johnston Health's childbirth classes.
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    **For the health and safety of everyone, the Diabetes Support Group is suspended until further notice. Thank you for understanding.** Living with diabetes is a struggle, but it can be made easier by taking advantage of resources and support right here in Johnston County, NC.