Published on April 04, 2018

CORE Member Profile: Samantha Barbour

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Johnston CORE is the new employee engagement advisory council led and managed by Johnston Health Employees. CORE stands for “Creating Opportunities. Recognizing Employees.” Meet our CORE members with our weekly profiles and fun facts.

Meet Samantha Barbour

Sam Barbour, core member.

If she’s having a crummy day, Samantha Barbour says coming to work as a health and wellness specialist at HealthQuest Fitness and Wellness Center always makes her feel better.

In her personal life and on the job, it’s her goal to promote physical activity and healthy living in the community. Toward that end, she’s led shopping tours to the grocery store for healthful foods, demonstrated healthful cooking techniques in the HealthQuest kitchen, and given tips to employees on how to fit in exercise while at work.

“I’m constantly looking for new information and cutting-edge ideas to help me shape objectives and strategies,” she says.

For her hard work and dedication, Barbour was recognized last April as a Johnston Health Ambassador. “I’m so proud that I was chosen by my organization for such an honor,” she says. “And I’m doubly proud when HealthQuest members tell us that they’re healthier, happier or more knowledgeable because of our services.”

Barbour has worked with HealthQuest for the past five years. She started out working at the reception desk and coaching the swim team. “I give 100 percent every time I clock in,” she adds. “I believe excellent customer service goes a long way, and I try to show that through my work.”

She and her husband, Rodney, live in Selma.

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