Published on January 19, 2016

Staying Fit at the Office

Source: MindBodyGreen

People with shoes on.

It’s a brand new year and most people have made resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, or improve their overall health. Johnston Health is no exception. On any given Tuesday around the hospital, you will see several employees sporting their sneakers and choosing to take the stairs. This is part of an initiative to become a Fit Friendly Wo rksite through the American Heart Association.

The idea of Take the Stairs Tuesdays was put into place to encourage all employees to wear their favorite pair of tennis shoes and take the stairs as opposed to the elevator during their workday. This is a recent initiative and is catching on quickly with the staff.

We understand that many people have desk jobs and do not get up and walk much throughout their workday. No more excuses! In addition to taking the stairs, here are some ways to stay fit in the workplace.

Ways to stay fit in the office or from your desk

  • Sit on a balance or fitness ball
    Ditch the office chair and invest in a fitness ball! Sitting on a fitness ball will engage your core muscles and work them all day long. It also forces you to sit up straight with your feet on the floor. It also keeps your blood flowing and can improve your circulation. Why not give it a try?
  • Take hourly breaks.
    Every hour, get up from your desk and go for a quick walk (to the bathroom, water fountain, co-workers office)  just to get up and moving. On your lunch try walking around the block or around the workplace. Invite a co-worker or friend to join you. This will get your blood flowing and make you feel better for the rest of your workday. Don’t forget to stick in a pair of comfy shoes!
  • Stretch or move in place.
    One of the worst things you can do to your body is sit still. It’s bad for your bones, joints and muscles! If you don’t have anywhere specific to walk, stretch or move in place in your own space. Touch your toes, walk in place, do some jumping jacks- anything to move a little! We recommend you set an alarm every hour to remind you to get out of your chair and do some movement. View stretching exercises from WebMd.
  • Organize your office.
    On your break, or during a few spare moments, organize your office. Try a new furniture arrangement or rearrange your shelves. Maybe even clean up a little bit. This gets you out from behind your desk and moving about your office, as well as get some cleaning and organizing done. It’s a win-win!
  • Wear a pedometer or activity tracking device
    By wearing a pedometer or activity tracking device such as FitBit, you can easily track your daily steps and calories burned. 10,000 steps are the daily goal, and who knows how many we take if we aren’t tracking them! By wearing these devices, you will find yourself encouraged and challenged to get your daily steps in.

Feeling motivated? Here’s your hourly reminder!

View additional information on how to get activity trackers, or to see which kind is best for you.

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