Published on March 28, 2016

Benefits of Learning to Swim

Child swimming

Swimming pool: (noun) a large structure that is filled with water and that is used for swimming

Swimming pools are bodies of water found inside and outside that provide families and individuals with joy. However, for some, the water can be a scary and unknown place.

Children are often very afraid of the water. A simple fix to this is to simply give your child positive exposure to the water at a young age. This can help eliminate this fear later in life. For example, if your child gets water in their face, instead of wiping their eyes with a towel right away, put a huge smile on your face and respond with a large amount of positive reinforcement—even in the bath tub! Try it! Children are not born with a fear of the water. Children become afraid when they are not properly introduced and don’t know how to be safe in the water.

Now for adults. This can be more difficult because we understand the dangers of the water. We might have experienced or seen first hand how the water can treat us if we are unaccustomed to it. The good news is that this fear can be fixed. The bad news—you have to be ready to fix it and no one can decide if you are ready to fix it, but you. Learning to swim at any age is possible! As instructors, we can help you to overcome your fears and we’ll be there every step of the way!

So what can help you have a safe and happy experience at the pool? One short answer- swim lessons.

Swim lessons are a wonderful way to turn your fears into excitement. Lucky for you—HealthQuest can help you and your children on your journey!

Benefits of taking swim lessons at HealthQuest

  • Learn water safety- both in and out of the water
  • Perfect exercise for strength and coordination- for swimming and activities outside the water
  • Confidence- having the motivation to push yourself and achieve your goals
  • Private and group instructions offered for both children and adults
  • Endless hours of fun together for the whole family

It only takes one bad experience around water to change the way you or your children look at a body of water. Increase your positive experiences with swim lessons. Your family or even just yourself will not only learn how to be safe, but also how to have fun at the pool. Let our HealthQuest Aquatic Team help your family continue your positive experiences at the pool today!

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