Published on August 04, 2016

Participants Needed: WE-CAN Clinical Trial

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The Weight Loss and Exercise for Communities with Arthritis in North Carolina (WE-CAN) clinical trial is being done to enable health and science researchers to further study knee osteoarthritis and successful treatment measure in community settings. Johnston County was selected as one of the three study participant communities. The locations are set and now they are looking for qualified participants.

Here’s what you need to know.

First, what is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies in which people help medical professionals find ways to improve health. Each study tries to answer specific scientific questions and is designed to find safe and effective ways to better prevent, diagnose, and/or treat disease. As a volunteer in a clinical trial, you have the opportunity to be involved in important research that may bring about advances in science, and health care which will have a significant public health impact.

Now about the WE-CAN clinical trial.

The Program

  • The Johnston County program is directed by Dr. Leigh Callahan of Thurston Arthritis Research Center at UNC.
  • Volunteers will randomly be assigned to one of two groups. One group will attend diet and exercise classes and the other group will attend health education classes that discuss what it truly means to be healthy and how various components of health (physical, mental, and social) interact with each other to impact your overall health.
  • This study is free and will last 18 months.


To develop and to demonstrate the effectiveness of practical weight loss and exercise intervention that communities can implement in knee osteoarthritis patients.


  • At least 50 years old
  • Overweight
  • Meet clinical criteria for knee osteoarthritis (have knee pain)


  • Clayton Community Center, Clayton
  • Johnston Medical Mall, Smithfield

Do you qualify or know someone who might be interested? Email or call 919-989-8003 or 919-989-8005.

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