UME / APP Student Clinical Experience

UNC Health Johnston offers student clinical experiences for the following UME/APP students:

  • Undergraduate Medical Students
  • Physician Assistant Students
  • Nurse Practitioner Students
  • Nurse Midwife Students

How to Apply for a Student Clinical Experience

Plan and coordinate your clinical experience at UNC Health Johnston with your school.

  • Clinical preceptors should already be secured by student and school before applying for UNC Health Johnston clinical experience clearance.
  • Begin the clinical experience clearance process by emailing your interest in performing a clinical experience at UNC Health Johnston to, including the provider name and medical discipline the rotation will be for.
  • Your school needs to have a current affiliation agreement with UNC Health Johnston. Some colleges and universities currently partner with us.
  • If your school isn't a current partner with UNC Health Johnston, an affiliation agreement will need to be secured. This process could take up to two months to complete. The UNC Health Johnston coordinator will verify the affiliation agreement status upon receiving your clinical experience request. If an agreement is needed, the student medical education coordinator will work directly with the school representative for completion.

Student Onboarding Form Requirements

Student onboarding includes:

The Student Practicum/Internship Checklist and HCS Annual Mandatory Compliance Training attestation must be submitted to Renee Lett, Student Medical Education Coordinator,at or faxed to (919) 934-7518 at least two weeks before your clinical experience is scheduled to begin.

Student Badges and Operating Room Orientation

Student badge will be provided by the student medical education coordinator after you meet all the clinical experience requirements.

Badges must be returned to the student medical education coordinator at the end of your clinical experience.

Clinical experiences that will involve working in the Operating Room, Endoscopy, or C-Section suite will require an OR Orientation. The student medical education coordinator will schedule this directly with the student and OR once student is approved.

Questions about the student onboarding process?

If you are a clinical student and have questions about the onboarding process, please contact us at 919-209-5168.