Gaynelle Turlington’s Wound Care Story

Gaynelle Turlington in  rocking chair

Gaynelle Turlington, of Lillington, NC, worked as a nurse with the Harnett County Health Department. She spent her entire career providing care for others, so she recognizes good care. When retired, Gaynelle found herself on the other side, as a patient.

She thought it could not get much worse than her chronic migraines, which required routine Phenergan injections to control nausea. But she was wrong. The repeated injections caused tissue breakdown, resulting in open wounds on her hips that gradually became worse, even after the injections stopped.

‘Miracle’ Treatment

“I struggled with this for 10 years, going different places for treatment, but it only worsened,” she said. “A friend who had successful treatment for a similar condition told me I should try Johnston Health’s Therapeutic Wound Center in Smithfield. She said their treatment had saved her toes.

“So I went to them, and they introduced me to my little buddy the ‘wound vac’ and an IV antibiotics regimen. It has been like a miracle. Within three months, my wounds had closed 75%!”

Caring Staff Made the Difference

Gaynelle was amazed at the level of care with Johnston Health’s Therapeutic Wound Center. She found advanced equipment, including two hyperbaric oxygen chambers and negative pressure wound therapy, along with customized care plans.

But most important to her was the level of care and the folks who provided it. She found an extensive medical staff with seven doctors, including Octavia Cieza, MD, who cared for her, and nurses who she connected with as friends.

“This is the most wonderful place God has put on this earth! I didn’t know a soul there when I started, but they are like family to me now,” Gaynelle said. “I have never been treated so well.”

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