Wound Care

If you have a wound that’s not showing signs of healing, seek help from the Johnston Health Therapeutic Wound Center in Smithfield. You’ll benefit from an experienced team of professionals who’ve been treating wounds longer than anyone else in the Johnston County area. Find out why we’ve successfully healed many different types of wounds for our patients.

Wounds Treated

Visit us for nonemergency care of:

Limb Care

Limb salvage is a main goal at the Johnston Health Therapeutic Wound Center. Many of our patients who were told they needed an amputation have gone on to heal their wound. If you’d like a second opinion, please give us a call.

Care Team

Patient Stories

Learn how wound care changed the lives of Gaynelle Turlington, Josh Bailey, and Kelvin Stevens.

Depending on your condition, you may work with the following specially trained wound care experts:

  • Certified hyperbaric technologist
  • General surgeons
  • Infectious disease physician
  • Nurses
  • Primary care physician
  • Staff certified in wound care
  • Vascular surgeon


During your first appointment, a specialist may draw blood, take a tissue sample, or order an X-ray to check for infection or other problems that slow wound healing. Expect to answer questions about your current health and lifestyle so your doctor can determine how best to help you.


Depending on the result of your evaluation, your doctor may order treatments such as:

  • Debridement – Uses minor surgery to remove unhealthy tissue, allowing for the growth of healthy tissue
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Exposes you to 100% oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure to improve oxygen flow to damaged tissues, providing a wonderful environment for healing
  • Intravenous (IV) antibiotic therapy – Treats certain infected wounds at the hospital (on an outpatient basis) or during home health care
  • Negative pressure wound therapy – Places a gentle vacuum over the wound to drain fluid and increase blood flow
  • Revascularization – Opens blocked blood vessels so they can carry healing oxygen to your wound. You may receive this procedure after a referral to our vascular surgeon.
  • Specialized dressings – Kill harmful bacteria or absorb drainage

Support for Self-Care

Meet with a member of our clinical staff to learn about medical equipment, home health care, proper footwear, and other helpful services and supplies. Your care team will also teach you how to promote wound healing by taking healthy lifestyle steps, such as:

Appointment Schedule

Your doctor will likely ask you to visit the Therapeutic Wound Center weekly until your wound is at least 50% healed. Caregivers will measure your wound at each visit and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

Wound care infographicDownload our handy Therapeutic Wound Center infographic to see our services at a glance.

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Call 919-938-7716 to schedule your appointment at the Johnston Health Therapeutic Wound Center in Smithfield.

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