Keep your employees healthy and productive with help from UNC Health Johnston’s WellnessWorks. You may reduce medical costs and insurance claims with free services from this occupational health program, available to organizations of all sizes in and near Johnston County.

Preventive Care & Education

Take advantage of:

Lifesaving Care

Discover how a WellnessWorks employee inspired Steve Sanders to get care for dangerously high blood pressure.

  • Health risk appraisals – Confidential surveys that employees take to identify opportunities to improve well-being
  • Onsite clinics – Biometric screenings to assess overall health and vaccinations to prevent contagious illnesses
  • Onsite instruction – Safety, health, and wellness talks to help fulfill training requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Preemployment services – Physicals, drug testing, and other exams to make sure your prospective hires are fit for work
  • Safety awareness and health information – Educational emails and flyers for employees
  • Worksite needs analysis – Observation of employees and the work environment to determine safety and ergonomic requirements

During health events at your workplace, we’ll help your employees connect with a local primary care provider to get the care they need to stay well long-term.

Review of Insurance Benefits

When your workers know what preventive services their insurance plan covers, they may be more likely to request those services—which can reduce long-term health costs. So ask us to review the health benefits in your organization’s insurance plan. In onsite talks and handouts, we’ll summarize the benefits in a way that’s easy for your employees to understand.

24/7 Medical Concierge Service

Call Service Coordination, our medical concierge service, at 888-977-3319 any time to schedule an appointment for medical care or ask questions about WellnessWorks services. You’ll reach someone—usually in less than a minute—who’s familiar with Johnston Health and your organization.

Workers Comp & Injury Intervention

Rely on medical concierges to arrange health care for injured employees, so your staffers can focus on getting well. You’ll get ongoing updates about the care plan and your workers’ health status.

Trust us to help get your employees back to work as safely and quickly as possible. WellnessWorks educates providers about legal requirements—including return-to-work release forms—for employees to get back on the job.

After a workers compensation claim, make your job easier by asking service coordination medical concierges to communicate with your organization’s insurance provider on your behalf.

Get a Free Consultation

To schedule a free, onsite WellnessWorks consultation for your organization, call 888-977-3319 or email Jaime.Pearce@unchealth.unc.edu.