Ann Lee's Robotic Surgery Story

“Johnston Health’s less-invasive da Vinci robotic surgery and flexible scheduling allowed me to combine four surgical procedures with only one recovery time. I was back caring for my granddaughter in only a few days!”

Ann Lee was feeling overwhelmed. Following a cervical polyp removal and biopsy, her Ob/Gyn had recommended a full radical hysterectomy. He also advised having a breast lesion removed. On top of that, she was told she needed an umbilical hernia repaired. Ann was concerned about multiple procedures and hospital stays, as well as all the recovery time that would interfere with her daily routine of caring for her two-year-old granddaughter, Payton.

Then, her Ob/Gyn told Ann about his experience with Johnston Health’s da Vinci robotic surgery and how her hysterectomy could be done as an outpatient procedure with only two small incisions. Her surgeon said he could remove her appendix during the procedure, as well as the breast lesion. He then contacted her general surgeon and they arranged to coordinate the hernia repair at the same time.

“I could not be happier with the outcome!” says Ann. “I was up and back home the same day and actually able to watch over my granddaughter the next day. Within a few days, I was fully caring for her. I am thankful that Johnston Health has the da Vinci capability and that my doctors were so considerate and so thorough.”

Ann Lee

Clayton, NC

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