Giving Birth in Clayton

Enjoy comforts and amenities for you and your loved ones when you deliver your baby at the Johnston Health Women’s Center in Clayton.

Clayton hospital

Your Labor, Delivery, & Recovery Suite

Deliver your baby and recover in a single, spacious suite that offers:

  • Room service
  • Private bathroom
  • Large windows with soothing views of the outdoors and plenty of natural light
  • 32-inch flat-screen TVs
  • Speakers so you can listen to the music of your choice during labor
  • Temperature and lighting that you can control
  • Space for your healthy newborn to stay at your bedside

Your partner will appreciate an in-room, pull-down bed to spend the night. All your visitors can enjoy our convenient hospital gift shop and cafeteria.

Arriving at the Hospital

When you arrive to give birth, use the Women’s Center entrance at the back of the hospital. You and your partner will find parking near the covered, wheelchair-accessible entryway.

Check in at the registration desk right inside. If you preregistered, your check-in will go quickly, and you and your partner can focus on your health.

Visitor Services & Amenities

Artwork image of a rocking horse

Your family members and friends will appreciate our convenient hospital gift shop and the cafeteria. After you give birth, invite them to visit you in your postpartum room or wait for you in a reception area decorated with unique, colorful local artwork.

Take a Virtual Tour

Explore the comfortable labor, delivery, and recovery room at Johnston Health in Clayton. After opening the virtual tour, select “Additional 360° Views,” and then choose “Labor & Delivery.”

Your Personalized Birth Experience

Count on your maternity care team to help you follow your birth plan as closely as possible. Consider:

Birthing suite with a nursing mother

  • Bringing your own music
  • Delaying umbilical cord clamping to let your newborn receive more blood and iron from your body
  • Trying different labor positions, including using a birthing ball or peanut ball
  • Exploring various pain-relief options, such as an epidural, warm shower, and intravenous (IV) pain medication

Sign Up for a Tour

Call us to register for a tour of:

  • Johnston Health Women’s Center in Clayton: 919-585-8155
  • Johnston Health Women’s Pavilion in Smithfield: 919-938-7800

You and your partner can ask questions, meet members of the maternity care team, and see the labor and delivery suites firsthand.

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