A Joint Adventure Class

Get the best possible results from treatment by applying what you learn in A Joint Adventure. This free, two-hour class prepares you for total knee, hip, or shoulder replacement surgery and helps a loved one learn how to care for you at home during recovery. Johnston Health team members will discuss:

  • How to verify insurance coverage
  • Presurgical exercises that give you a head start on recovery
  • Expectations for your hospital stay
  • Ways to prevent complications
  • Managing pain in the hours after surgery
  • Hospital discharge plans
  • Steps to make your home a safe place to recover
  • Home medical equipment and tools you may need during recovery

Joint Adventure Patient Guide Book

Download our patient guidebook [PDF] to review, at home, details about your care journey for hip, knee, or shoulder replacement at Johnston Health.

Contact Us

If you have questions about joint replacement, contact:

Christy Collins, RN
Nurse Manager, Fourth Floor Surgical/Joint Center

Laura Vaughn, RN, BC
Joint Replacement Center Patient Navigator, CPM Champion