Joint Replacement

Get back to your favorite activities with help from joint replacement surgery at the UNC Health Johnston's Joint Center in Smithfield. An orthopedic surgeon will exchange your painful joint with an artificial one that feels natural—so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Do I Need Joint Replacement?

You may benefit from joint replacement if:

  • Imaging tests show joint damage from arthritis or other conditions.
  • Joint pain makes it hard to sleep or do daily tasks.
  • Nonsurgical treatments have not relieved your pain.

Surgical Procedures

Expect personalized care when you get one of these procedures at Johnston Health:

A Joint Adventure Class

Get the best possible results from treatment by applying what you learn in A Joint Adventure. This free, two-hour class prepares you for total knee, hip, or shoulder replacement surgery and helps a loved one learn how to care for you at home during recovery. Johnston Health team members will discuss:

Patient Guidebook

Download our patient guidebook [PDF] to review, at home, details about your care journey for hip, knee, or shoulder replacement at UNC Health Johnston.

Spanish [PDF]

  • How to verify insurance coverage
  • Presurgical exercises that give you a head start on recovery
  • Expectations for your hospital stay
  • Ways to prevent complications
  • Managing pain in the hours after surgery
  • Hospital discharge plans
  • Steps to make your home a safe place to recover
  • Home medical equipment and tools you may need during recovery

You’ll receive a single call to schedule both this class and surgery after meeting with your orthopedic surgeon.

Joint Navigator

Lean on your joint navigator for guidance before and after surgery. This professional will answer your questions, act as your advocate, and help you communicate with the surgeon.

Recovering in the Hospital

You’ll start physical therapy and occupational therapy while you’re still in the hospital. Work with our caring therapists to practice tasks such as:

  • Climbing stairs
  • Entering and exiting a car safely, using our realistic car simulator
  • Getting in and out of a bed that’s the same height as your bed at home

Joint Car Simulator and Rehab Room

Enjoy camaraderie and encouragement from your peers, who you’ll recover with in The Joint Center, as long as you’re healthy. Though you’ll feel some pain in the hours and days after surgery, your supportive care team will help you focus on achieving better quality of life long-term.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

You’ll likely return home no more than two days after surgery. Continue your recovery by receiving physical therapy and occupational therapy on an outpatient basis. Visit UNC Health Johnston regularly for rehabilitation appointments, or arrange for therapy through convenient home care.

Success Stories

Discover how joint replacement surgery helped Jimmy Marler and Sandy Altman reach their goals.

Contact Us

If you have questions about joint replacement, contact:

Christy Collins, RN
Nurse Manager, Fourth Floor Surgical/Joint Center

Laura Vaughn, RN, BC
Joint Replacement Center Patient Navigator, CPM Champion

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