X-ray Test

Get a quick, easy look at the inside of your body with an X-ray test at Johnston Health. If your doctor orders this exam, walk in to any of our imaging locations in Smithfield or Clayton—no appointment needed.

Fast, Digital X-ray Exams

Thanks to Johnston Health’s new digital X-ray technology, your test will:

  • Last just a few minutes
  • Provide the clearest, most detailed images for more accurate results
  • Require you to change positions less often, so you feel more comfortable
  • Use less radiation than older forms of X-ray tests

What is an X-ray Test?

X-ray exams use small amounts of radiation to show your bones, joints, lungs, stomach, or other body parts. Most X-ray tests capture the inside of your body at a single point in time. But a fluoroscopy exam serves as a video X-ray test that shows the movement of body parts or medical tools in real time.

What to Expect

Depending on the part of the body under examination, you may need to change into a hospital gown. Remove jewelry, dental hardware, and eyeglasses before an X-ray test.

An X-ray technician will help you move into a position that lets the machine take pictures of the right part of the body. You may need to hold your breath and stay still for a few moments so the machine captures clear images.

You must follow detailed preparation instructions if you’ll receive a kidney, ureters, and bladder X-ray study, or intravenous pyelogram [PDF].


A radiologist will review your X-ray images and send a report to your doctor who ordered the test. Expect a phone call from your doctor’s office to discuss the results and next steps.

To check your results in our secure, online patient portal, visit My UNC Chart.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your doctor orders an imaging procedure at UNC Health Johnston, you’ll get a call from Community Wide Scheduling to make an appointment.

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