Lung Cancer Screening

If you smoke or used to smoke, you may qualify for a lung cancer screening at Johnston Health in Smithfield. This test uses low doses of radiation through computed tomography (CT) technology to find cancer early—when treatment works best.

Make Your Decision

Learn more about lung cancer screening and whether you should get tested.

Is a Screening Right for Me?

Talk to your doctor about a lung cancer screening if you meet all these criteria:

  • You’re 55 to 77 years old
  • You have no symptoms of lung cancer
  • You smoke today or quit smoking within the past 15 years
  • You have a history of heavy smoking

Heavy smoking means a history of at least 30 “pack years.” You could have a 30 pack-year history by smoking one pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years.

Why Get a Screening?

Low-dose CT lung cancer screenings are more likely than a chest X-ray test to reveal cancer before you experience symptoms. Early detection and timely treatment improve your long-term outcome.

If you do not have lung cancer, a screening can give you peace of mind.

Recognized for High-Quality Care

Trust that Johnston Health has the tools and staff to make your screening safe and effective. The American College of Radiology—which sets national standards for imaging tests—named our Smithfield hospital a Designated Lung Cancer Screening Center.

What to Expect

You’ll lie on a table that moves through a CT scanner. Hold your breath during the 10-second scan so your lungs remain still as the machine takes detailed pictures. Your entire appointment will last about 15 minutes.


A radiologist will review your images and send a report to your doctor who ordered the test. Expect a phone call from your doctor’s office to discuss the results and next steps.

To check your results in our secure, online patient portal, visit My UNC Chart.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare Part B, NC Medicaid, and many private insurance plans cover lung cancer screenings. Ask us about self-pay options if your plan does not cover the test.

Quit Smoking

Find a wealth of resources and support to help you quit smoking and reduce your risk of lung cancer.

For Referring Physicians

Fill out the physician order form [PDF] for your patient and fax it to 919-989-6584.

Talk to Your Doctor

Ask your doctor for an order for a lung cancer screening at Johnston Health. You’ll get a call from Community Wide Scheduling to set a date for the screening. Bring your completed patient questionnaire [PDF] to the screening.

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