Your doctor may use fluoroscopy to see inside your body and diagnose or treat your medical condition at Johnston Health. This type of video X-ray technology shows your organs, bones, and blood vessels in real time.

Patient-Friendly Technology

You benefit from the new fluoroscopy equipment at Johnston Health in Smithfield, which offers:

  • High-resolution camera with a wide field of view so your doctor can give you the most complete, accurate results
  • Movable table that makes it easier and more comfortable for you to get in the right position
  • Relaxing ambient lighting
  • Soothing music you can listen to during your procedure
  • Table that’s close to the ground, so you can get on and off as easily and safely as possible

What to Expect

Depending on the part of the body under examination, you may need to change into a hospital gown. Remove jewelry, dental hardware, and eyeglasses before your fluoroscopy procedure.

You’ll swallow or receive an injection of a small amount of contrast dye that makes part of your body show up better on the fluoroscopy machine. Then, your care team will move you into position on the fluoroscopy table.

Types of Procedures

Doctors use fluoroscopy in tests and treatments such as:

How to Prepare

Follow the instructions for your test to get accurate results:

Talk to Your Doctor

If your doctor orders an imaging procedure at UNC Health Johnston, you’ll get a call from Community Wide Scheduling to make an appointment.

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