Hospitalist Care

During your stay at UNC Health Johnston in Smithfield or Clayton, you’ll receive care from a hospitalist. This family practitioner or internal (adult) medicine specialist has special training to tend only to hospital patients.

What Does My Hospitalist Do?

A board-certified hospitalist oversees your care in the hospital. This doctor:

  • Orders tests and treatments
  • Explains your condition and treatment plan
  • Makes sure you get care from the right people at the right time
  • Connects you with services and resources you’ll need after going home, such as rehabilitation, home health care, or medical equipment

If you’re in the hospital for scheduled surgery, your surgeon will oversee the surgical treatment. A hospitalist will oversee care for nonsurgical health needs during your stay.

Why Do I Need a Hospitalist?

Because hospitalists are onsite and available 24/7, they can respond to your health needs and deliver test results sooner than a doctor who also sees patients in a clinic. You may even leave the hospital in fewer days because of hospitalists’ prompt care.

Ask your hospitalist questions about your health and the purpose of your tests and treatments. That way, you and your family can play an active role in your care.

What’s My Primary Care Provider’s Role?

When necessary, your hospitalist will ask your primary care provider (PCP) about your medical history. Your PCP will receive a written summary or phone call about your hospital stay, so they can give you appropriate follow-up care.

If you do not have a PCP, ask for a referral to a family practitioner or internist (adult specialist). This provider can help you manage your health long-term and prevent hospital stays.

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