Levels of Hospice House Care

Trust the expert team at Johnston Health’s SECU Hospice House to find the right level of care for a patient’s condition and their family’s needs.

General Inpatient Care

General inpatient care brings worsening pain or other symptoms under control to improve comfort. This form of care provides continuous health monitoring and frequent skilled nursing to manage:

  • Confusion, disorientation or agitation
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Open wounds
  • Pain
  • Severe fractures
  • Trouble breathing

Pain Control

A doctor or nurse provides evaluations regularly and adjusts pain medication as needed. Count on our caregivers to provide pain relief that’s unavailable at home, including certain intravenous (IV) medications and drugs that require expert handling.

Return to Routine Care

After general inpatient care, patients may return to their routine level of care, whether it’s in a private home or the residential care setting at the hospice house.

Residential Care

Residential care treats medical needs that are stable, but provides more than what in-home caregivers can fulfill. Health professionals assess patients’ well-being continuously and adjust services as needed to provide the right care at the right time.

Respite Care

If your loved one receives hospice care at home, they may stay up to five days at a time in the SECU Hospice House for respite care. Let us take over their care temporarily, so you and other family caregivers can rest or fulfill other duties.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare Part A and Medicaid, as well as most private insurance plans, fully cover the medical costs of hospice house care.

Insurance does not cover the daily room and board fee for the residential level of care at the SECU Hospice House. Ask us whether financial assistance may cover this fee. We’ll help provide care, regardless of your family’s ability to pay.

Take a Tour

Virtually explore the SECU Hospice House. After opening the tour, select “Additional 360° Views” to see a certain area of the home. Choose “Scene Information” for details.

To request an in-person tour, call 919-209-5100.

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