Stay near home in Smithfield or Clayton for expert care from UNC Health Johnston’s board-certified hematologists—doctors who specialize in blood diseases.

Why See a Hematologist?

Your primary care provider may refer you to a hematologist if you experience symptoms of a blood condition, such as fatigue and unusual levels of white blood cells. During your first appointment, the hematologist will review your lab test results from recent years and order additional lab tests, if needed. You’ll also receive a physical exam.

Blood Disorders

Rely on UNC Health Johnston to diagnose and care for blood conditions such as:

Treatments & Services

Your hematologist will give you a personalized care plan, which may include one or more of the following:

  • Blood product transfusion – Gives you red blood cells, platelets, or plasma from a donor to replace those you lost
  • Chemotherapy – Treats blood cancers
  • Medications – Delivered through pills, injections (shots), or infusion (a vein)
  • Phlebotomy – Removes excess blood from your body if you make too many blood cells
  • Vitamin and iron supplements – Treat anemia (lack of red blood cells)

Comfortable Infusion Area

You’ll appreciate free snacks, Wi-Fi, TV, and heated blankets during infusion (IV) therapy at UNC Health Johnston Hematology & Oncology Centers in Clayton and Smithfield. Trust your care team to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Visit Us for Care

After you receive a phone call to schedule an appointment, visit a Johnston Health Hematology & Oncology location in Smithfield or Clayton for expert care.

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