Durwood Stephenson's Cardiopulmonary Rehab Story

Durwood Stephenson with his wife and granddaughter

Ten years ago, Durwood Stephenson returned from vacation feeling great. He had enjoyed playing a lot of tennis and was running a mile each day. He went to a scheduled physical checkup with his family doctor, who suggested that it might be good, at his age, to have a stress test just as a precautionary measure.

The morning after the stress test at Johnston Health, his cardiologist called him and said he needed to have a catheterization immediately. The heart catheterization revealed that, in spite of his active, healthy lifestyle, he had four major blockages – damage related to his having diabetes. This mandated a quadruple bypass surgery followed by intensive cardiac rehabilitation.

“I am grateful for my doctor being so proactive, even when I saw no need for concern,” says Durwood.  “All of my doctors agreed that if I had not been moved in this direction, I would very likely have had a fatal heart attack within four months.  I might never have known Ava, my  granddaughter!  I am also thankful that Johnston Health had such an excellent cardiopulmonary rehab program so close to home.  I took their directions and advice to heart and gave my best to their prescribed treatment, and we were able to turn things around.  Their cardiac rehab and my hard work accomplished my goals, and I feel great.  I am back, active, and living life to its fullest – and enjoying its sweetness!”

Durwood Stephenson
Smithfield, NC
Quadruple Bypass Surgery and Cardiac Rehab Patient

Ask for a Referral

You’ll need a referral from your doctor to participate in cardiopulmonary rehab at UNC Health Johnston. Call our staff at 919-938-7127 if you have questions about the program.