Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials test ways to prevent, find, or treat cancer. If you qualify for one of these research studies, you may benefit from a form of cancer care that isn’t yet widely available. At Johnston Health, you gain access to clinical trials thanks to our collaboration with Duke Cancer Network.

Can I Enroll in a Clinical Trial?

You may qualify for a clinical trial depending on your:

  • Age
  • Current health
  • Family health history
  • Medical history
  • Type and stage of cancer

Benefits & Risks

Clinical trials can give you another option for cancer treatment. If they test a treatment that works well, you may be among the first patients in the world to benefit. And you’ll help advance research for other patients with the same condition.

But not all clinical trials offer better care than what’s already available. They may cause unexpected side effects. And health insurance may not cover all your costs.

Talk to your doctor and care team about whether to enroll in a specific clinical trial.

Your Safety in Clinical Trials

Count on your clinical trial care team to protect your rights, privacy, and safety. Johnston Health’s Research Review Committee helps make sure you:

  • Fully understand what any clinical trial involves
  • Freely consent to take part

You can trust that your clinical trial meets requirements for safe, effective research because our Local Research Review Committee evaluates the study.

Learn More

Visit our online health library to read more about what happens during clinical trials.

Talk to Your Doctor

Ask your doctor if you qualify for a cancer clinical trial that’s now enrolling participants.

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