2012 Community Benefit Report

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Community benefits are services that Johnston Health provides beyond billable patient care. They include such things as free health screenings and the expense associated with recruiting doctors. During 2012, the value of those services was more than $16 million.

What follows is a breakdown of those services.

Community Health Outreach

Nurse educators stage free health screenings and teach classes on health-related topics such as Lamaze and diabetes care. During 2012, Johnston Health spent about $19,000 on community health outreach.

Project Access

Johnston Health provides services to Project Access patients. Since the initiative started in January of 2008, the network of doctors and specialists has seen, at no charge, more than 1,400 people who can’t afford private health insurance or who don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. The value of those services donated in 2012 by Johnston Health was $1.6 million.

Cash Contributions

Johnston Health gives to nonprofit and community causes throughout the year. In 2012, those combined cash contributions were $16,600.

Physician Recruitment

Johnston Health recruits doctors and specialists to fill identified service needs in the county. In 2012, the value of that service was $500,000.

Charity Care

Johnston Health offers charity care to eligible patients who meet the criteria for ability to pay. Patients qualify if their total household incomes are at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Patients with incomes between 200 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level may qualify for partial charity care. In 2012, the cost to treat those patients was $8.4 million. In addition, bad debt, which is made up of people who can’t or won’t pay for services, cost $9.6 million.

Uncompensated Care

Johnston Health offers services to needy patients through Medicaid, a federal-state program that does not fully reimburse hospitals for the care they provide. Reimbursements for Medicare, the federally funded program for older citizens and the disabled, also fall short of covering costs. In 2012, the gap between costs and payments was more than $6 million.

View complete information on the 2012 Community Benefits Report [PDF].

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