Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is done to determine the health needs of Johnston County and develop an implementation plan to outline and organize how to meet those needs.

The CHNA findings are drawn from an analysis of an extensive set of secondary data (over 100 indicators from national and state data sources) and in-depth primary data from community leaders, health and non-health professionals who serve the community at large, vulnerable populations, and populations with unmet health needs. Through a synthesis of the primary and secondary data, the significant health needs were determined for Johnston County.

Health Needs for Johnston County

The significant health needs for Johnston County are:

  1. Access to Health Services
  2. Economy
  3. Exercise, Nutrition & Weight
  4. Heart Disease & Stroke
  5. Other Chronic Diseases
  6. Respiratory Diseases
  7. Social Environment
  8. Substance Abuse
  9. Transportation

Selected Priority Areas

Johnston Health and the Johnston County Public Health Department have selected the following focus areas as prioritized health needs:

  1. Access to Health Services
  2. Mental Health/ Substance Abuse
  3. Heart Disease & Stroke
  4. Respiratory Diseases
  5. Transportation

Implementation Plan

An implementation plan has been developed with strategies for all five of the needs including activities to continue/pursue, community partners to work alongside, and leading and lagging indicators to track.

2019 Community Health Needs Assessment [PDF]

2019 CHNA Implementation Plan [PDF]

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan [PDF]

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation Plan [PDF]

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